Director: Paul Snider

Producer: Paul Snider

Executive Producer: Scott Armstrong

Associate Producer: David Raines



Jeff: Paul Snider

Heather: Nikki Snider

Ryan: Michael Snider

Gail: Monika Siniarska

Eric: Murray Price

Rosemary: Christiana Taylor

Owen: Scott Armstrong

Bill: Tim Ankenman

Police Detective: Ian Tacy

Benjamin: Dawson Armstrong

Girl at Birthday Party: Holly Armstrong

Helicopter Pilot: Dave Parson

Coast Guard: Skylar Albrecht



Director of Photography: Jason Pope

Production Sound Mixer: James Schoening

Script Supervisor: Ute Snider

Screenplay Written by: Paul Snider

Editor: Paul Snider

Production Assistant: Al Hebbard

Orchestral Score Written and Performed by: Paul Snider

Additional Music by: Noel Villeneuve and Pat Haberl

Make-up: Katharine Morris

Casting: Paul Snider, Scott Armstrong, Ute Snider